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ALMEXCOSEI CO.,LTD. TOP Company outline
Company outline
Company name Almex Cosei Co., Ltd.
Address 40-5, Hondakozuke, Momoyama-Cho, Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto City, 612-8027
TEL:075-601-6675 (main number)
Building area 624.7 m2 (Kyoto Head Office)
Founding In January 1982, Hirokazu Takahashi established Cosei Kinzoku Kogyo mainly for marketing aluminum materials.
Establishment of corporation EIn November 1989, Cosei Kinzoku Kogyo became a corporation and was renamed Alumex Cosei Co., Ltd. Hideji Takahashi became president.
EIn November 2005, Hirokazu Takahashi became CEO, and Hideji Takahashi became Chairman.
Capital 20 million yen
CEO Hirokazu Takahashi

Business description 

Metal department Aluminum sheets, pipes, rods, extrusion die materials Forming and surface treatment, precision sheet metal forming, NC machining
Electronic department

Printed circuit design, manufacture, assembly, marketing of completed products and components
Development of control boards and control software

Labor-saving machine department

Design and manufacture of labor-saving automated machines and equipment, and inspection equipment

Trading banks

Fujimori Branch, Kansai Urban Banking Corporation
Momoyama Branch, Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank
Fushimi Branch, Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation

Main facilities 

Chip mounter made by MYDATA: TP9-UFP

Air reflow made by Nippon Dennetsu Keiki: R-III

Solder printer made by Mitani Micronics Co.,Ltd.

Optical microscope


Ultrasonic welder

Desktop ultrasonic washing machine

Digital multimeter

Curve tracer

Thermostatic chamber

Clean bench

Constant voltage power supply


Air dryer

Conter machine

Desktop electric wire stripper

Solder bath

Solder pot

Electronic scales

SMT mounter made by MYDATA

Main clients 

Advance Riken Inc.

Optex Co., Ltd.

OFROM Corporation

Okuto Co., Ltd.

Osaka Flow Meter Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kodenshi Corp.


Cosmo Kiki Electric Co., Ltd.

Cyber Craft Inc.


Sea Start Corporation

Seedsware Corp.

Shofu Inc.

Tekuto Giken

Technica Fukui Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Ryuki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Hitachi Procurement Service Co.,Ltd.

Best Instruments Co., Ltd.

Exterior of the company 

Almex Cosei Co., Ltd. Exterior of the company