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What is a mobile control system?

Flow rate control equipment (mass flow meter, mass flow controller)
485 communication unit
Control equipment output data central control software
Control equipment remote operation mobile software

It is a system which performs network control of robots, FA equipment, and flow rate measurement equipment by using mobile equipment such as a cell phone. Electrical signals emitted from the equipment are transferred to a database in the server via a communication unit or a client PC, and the contents of the database are accessed by mobile equipment, in order to obtain a grasp of the operation status of the equipment and also manage and control the operation of the equipment.

Patent: Remote control of a flow rate monitoring system

Price: Open

Release: January 2008

Terminal: docomo I application operation cell phone

On-site demonstration being performed

Mobile control systemiPatent application 2007-35704j Mobile control system Click here for detailed information
Measurement value Mobile control system screen cell phone

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