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Mobile control details

Analog equipment output data conversion communication unit

General analog input/output equipment can be connected to a PC network.

Analog input/output 0?5V conversion 485 communication unit

Analog output terminal 0〜5VDC (output impedance 100Ω, allowable load resistance 100KΩ min)
Analog input terminal -5〜+5 VDC (input impedance 1KΩ)
Power supply input terminal ±15 V, 50 mA min
Control input terminal 24 VDC, 5 mA min
Control output terminal NPN Tr: 30 Vo. 5 A max? Photo Mos: 50 VAC/DC, 1 A max
Communication terminal Conforms to RS485
Input/output monitor When active: Lit
Power supply monitor When power is input: Lit

Analog input/output 4?20mA conversion 485 communication unit

Analog output terminal  
Analog input terminal  
Power supply input terminal  
Control input terminal Cr  
ontrol output terminal  
Communication terminal  
Input/output monitor  
Power supply monito  

Control equipment output data central control software


Graph monitoring

Menu screen

Various settings can be made from the menu screen.

Current graph - Display settings

Sets the selection of the equipment to be displayed, and also the scale of the graph display.

メニュー画面 現在値グラフ−表示設定

Current value graph - Set value input

Enter the initial setting values for the equipment to be controlled.

Current value graph

Displays the current operation status of the equipment. Up to 8 equipment units can be displayed in different colors on a single screen.
現在値グラフ−設定値入 現在値グラフ

History graph - Settings

Selects the past data history to be displayed.

History graph

Displays a graph of the selected equipment that was searched from the stored past data.
履歴グラフ−設定 履歴グラフ

Numerical control

Equipment control - Settings

Sets the current values of the selected equipment.

Equipment control

Displays the values of the equipment to be controlled, and also the current values.
装置制御-設定 装置制御

Schedule control

Schedule control

Controls the equipment according to the set schedule.

Control equipment remote operation mobile software

Mobile control

・Menu screen

・Equipment control - Settings

・Current value graph


Output data central control rental server

Data center output

We use NTT’s data center. We have available server facilities for your peace of mind.

Biometrics authentification Personal identification is carried out based on ecological features of humans such as veins and fingerprints. Impersonation is impossible, so you are assured of the most secure method of authentification.
Tailgating prevention door A dedicated password and weight limit allow only one person to enter at a time.
Remote monitoring (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) Behavioral monitoring is performed between the gate and rack using a monitoring camera.
Customer Service Center A 24-hour, 365-day (primary maintenance ※) system monitors your information system.
※Primary maintenance: Confirmation of Power supply OFF/ON and LED alone by NTT West Japan Data Center
Vibration resistance double construction Realizes an efficient air conditioning airflow and distribution environment.
Fire prevention measures Complete fire prevention and extinguishing facilities employing fire prevention construction and new gas
Stable power supply Provision of private power generation and no-break power supply equipment
MACS air conditioning system Constant room temperature control using a highly efficient year-round air conditioner
Housing rack High security 19” rack for individual locking (Full and half are available.)

Price list

Control details

Mobile control system Q & A

1. What do you sell?
A. Flow control equipment (mass flow meters, mass flow controllers)
Analog equipment digital conversion 485 communication unit
Control equipment output data central control software
Control equipment remote operation mobile software
2. What do you wish to sell most?
A. FA equipment remote operation systems
3. What does this system do?
A. It enables you to read and regulate the flow of gas from a remote place.
4.What kind of gas is it intended for?
A. Air, nitrogen, oxygen, and other inert gases
5. Which part has a patent application been made for?
A. Remote control of the flow monitoring system
6. What is the price?
A. Open
7. When was it released?
A. January 2008
8. Can any cell phone be used?
A. docomo I application operation cell phone
9. Will you carry out an on-site demonstration?
A. We are doing so at present.
10. Who do I contact for inquires?
A. Almex Cosei Co., Ltd.
40-5, Hondakozuke, Momoyama-Cho, Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto City, 612-8027